There are a lot of questions that one asks themselves when it comes to moving. The first being, can we do it by ourselves or do we need some professional assistance? It is always recommended to take some Professional help, to ensure the safety of your belongings. A2B Movers has the experience to conduct any type of move for you. If you are looking for a residential moving company or a commercial moving company in Bay Area, then A2B Movers is what you want. We provide professional packing and unpacking services which vary as per your requirement. We can also customize a moving package for you, to specifically match your requirements.

If you looking for a reliable Packing and Unpacking Services then A2B Movers is exactly what you want. It is very important for long distance moving companies to make sure that the goods being transported are packed safely to ensure that they don't get damage while in transit. We at A2B Movers make use of the best packing materials such as high quality boxes, bubble wrap packing for fragile goods, blankets for furniture, etc to make sure the goods are safe while on the move.

Our representatives would suggest you with a number of insurance options to cover you in case of unforeseen damage. With all these options combined we place ourselves among the best California Moving Companies.


Following are the Packing and Unpacking services we provide

  • Complete Packing Services: This service covers you from start to finish, we will send our professional team of packers to your residence, shop or office and they would take care of all the packing. This service is comprehensive, so whether you have a house or office loaded basement or an attic we will pack it for you.

  • Partial Packing Services: This service is ideal for those who would like to do or have done most of their general packing by themselves and only need packing assistance with fragile stuff or artifacts that need protective packing. We would be glad to assist you with any help you require.

  • Only Unpacking: Many people prefer to do their packing by themselves; however there is no taking away the fact that moving by its self is a tiring experience whether you do it alone or with professional help. So if you just need assistance with unpacking, we could send a team of professionals over for a couple of hours to help you set your residence or business premises.

  • Customized Packing Services:We could also help you customize your packing, unpacking and transportation services specifically depending upon your requirement. Whatever your need be we can do it for you.

If you need packing, unpacking and moving services in San Jose are looking for a residential moving company or commercial moving company.