No matter whether you are preparing to move nearby or far away, moving tends to be a very stressful experience for anyone. A2B Movers knows time is money, and that you will want to be moved as quickly and efficiently as possible. The professionally-trained movers at A2B Movers will make certain your move is handled properly. Our movers are regarded as the Bay Area's Top movers, and we will help make your move as easy as possibly for you!



Some useful tips to help you get ready for moving:

  • Deciding on the Moving Date - It is important to have the date of your move planned in advance because moving companies have busy times and may be booked when you want to move. So, you will want to get it scheduled in advance.

  • Selecting the Best Moving - Company Selecting a reliable moving company is vital in an effort to avoid a possible disaster. Ask for a written proposal for your move and ask if it is binding or not. Also, ask for references of other people or businesses they have moved. This way you can check them out and find out what their past customers have to save about their moving service. Most importantly, ask the moving company for their License number because if they are a reputable company, they will be able to furnish the number for you to verify.

  • Notifying the USPS, Utilities and Others - Be sure to take care of submitting your new mailing address to the post office and to contact all utilities and phone company and give the your new mailing address. Additionally, be sure to contact all of your contacts, so they have your new address updated.

  • Start Packing - Once you know when you will be moving, get started with packing. You want to be sure to be consistent and at least pack one or two boxes a day. You would pack up the things you really don’t need before the move. Plus, this will give you the opportunity to weed out things you really don’t need to bring along. Be careful of the breakables and make sure it is labeled on the boxes, so the movers will be careful of them.